"I love being a hairdresser because when I was young, I used to cut off all my dolls' hair and my mother use to get really upset. After many years of being destructive with my dolls' hair, one day she said to me “'You had better become a hairdresser or something." 

Shekeyna is a licensed Cosmetologist/Instructor. For the last 20 years, she's worked for many well-known hair care businesses building her skillset. She has experience working with all hair textures and styles. Shekeyna loves interacting with the students here at WashU. She says it brings back her love of being a hair designer all over again.


"My name is Monica, and I love to cut hair. I can give you a style that will make you look fabulous!"

Monica has been cutting hair since she was young,, but she's been a licensed cosmetologist since 2012. Over the last 8 years, she's worked at St. Louis salons and shops that have allowed her to hone and explore her craft. She has experience working with all hair textures and styles as well. Being a huge people person, Monica loves getting to meet and talk to all the students and faculty from all walks of life here at WashU.

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Cool and calm as ever, Tommy has been a barber for over 10 years, and a college instructor for 3. He has three boys whom he adores and is engaged- just ask him. His specialty is razor cuts and coarse hair, but he's more than experienced with straight hair - he teaches how to cut it! A local pillar of the community, he coaches football, ran for Alderman, and was recently featured in Khendi Wiley's art exhibition at the Art Museum!

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Current WashU student and co-owner, Noor is our resident threader. Noor learned threading out of necessity, and since coming to WashU shared her talents with those around her. Now, she works in the salon, once a week threading people's eyebrows and lips to help them feel refreshed.

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