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Wanna own a business??

Besides being an awesome place to wind down, get your hair cut (or colored!), and refresh yourself, Refresh is uniquely part of the WashU Skandalaris Center's Student Entrepreneurial Program (aka StEP). This means that Refresh is owned by students, specifically undergraduate students, just like the ones who walk into the store! 

As per StEP rules (and some logic if you understand the program), each time an owner is set to graduate, they sell their part of the business to a new underclassman to take on the legacy and grow the business.

This year, 1 of Refresh's owners is set to graduate and so, we're looking for a new owner to join the fold! If you're interested in owning a business or just curious about how it all works, feel free to email us at, or you can text/call the departing owner directly at 623-688-4540.

You can also check out more about StEP here.


Find us at:

Gregg House, Shepley Dr, Clayton, MO 63105